Does anyone else find garlic bulbs are like rocket fuel at the moment?!

For a long time we have tried to find garlic in supermarkets and markets both home and away that doesn’t ruin your meal at best or blow your head off at worst.

So, we resorted to lazy garlic in a jar! It’s so simple and tasty and as yet hasn’t ruined dinner.

However, at this time of year it is very easy to go for a stroll in the woods and find some wild garlic. It is very mild but full of flavour. If you like strong garlic, then it probably isn’t for you, but it adds a very subtle hint of garlic to your cooking.

The leaves are the edible part, not the bulb and it is best eaten at this time of year, while the plant is young. When foraging in the woods, rather than traipsing the aisles in the supermarket, follow your nose as it releases a very delicate garlic aroma and if you are at all nervous about picking and eating an unknown, pick a leaf and smell the broken stalk……mmmmmm!

The leaves can be eaten raw or wilted in a recipe. Make sure you wash them well though!

Apparently, it makes a great pesto and is lovely stirred into risotto.



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